[PN038] DJ Counterforce x LiGHTSPEED - Thyrsus

Friday, December 21, 2012
Hey People!

As most of you know, DJ Counterforce (aka LiGHTSPEED) has been on many Psycho Numberz releases, but has never released an album or EP (except for a remix EP) himself!

Well, all the waiting was worth it, cause he strikes back with an attacking album!
It contains 2 sides, one with original tracks (Battle Of Thyrsus) and with remixes (Force Of The Resistance)!

Tracklist Side A:

1. Opening (Blade x Blade) by LiGHTSPEED
2. Kill the Tune - LiGHTSPEED vs. DJ Counterforce
3. Break the Limit - 9March vs. DJ Counterforce
4. No Doubt - kyou1110 vs. DJ Counterforce
5. No Boundaries - LiGHTSPEED vs. DJ Counterforce
6. Zero Gravity - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
7. Fuck You Up - Imil + DJ Counterforce
8. Destruction Syndrome - DJ Counterforce vs. LiGHTSPEED
9. Let's Rock All Night Long - KSys vs. LiGHTSPEED
10. No Hold Back - DJ Counterforce vs. 3R2
11. Time Busters - DJames vs. DJ Counterforce
12. Trancemission - DJ Counterforce vs. typeMARS
13. Yorokobi - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
14. Lifestream - luppolo vs. LiGHTSPEED

Download link is here

Tracklist Side B:

1. Opening (Meet the Resistance) by LiGHTSPEED
2. Yorokobi (MFTD Remix) - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
3. No Hold Back (Flubber Remix) - DJ Counterforce vs. 3R2
4. Zero Gravity (Ucore Remix) - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
5. No Doubt (MesoPhunk Remix) - kyou1110 vs. DJ Counterforce
6. Yorokobi (Dustrict x Flubber Remix) - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
7. Break the Limit (F-Shock Remix) - 9March vs. DJ Counterforce
8. Fuck You Up (Fukkkkkk Remix) - Imil + DJ Counterforce
9. Zero Gravity (Kurono Remix) - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
10. No Boundaries (KSys Remix) - DJ Counterforce vs. LiGHTSPEED
11. Time Busterz (HugMasterz Remix) - DJ Counterforz vs. DarkDJamez

Download link is here

[PN036] Predaking - Dancing With The Devil EP

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
I know, I know.. It has been a while since I released something new, but I'm pretty busy in real life these days with work etc. so, there still is coming new stuff, but just not so fast anymore!

And of course, it has been a few months since Predaking released his first EP on Psycho Numberz, and today he released his second!

1. Dancing With The Devil
2. Crazy

- Well, get crazy and dance with the devil by downloading his EP here!

[PN037] Scorpyd - Fake-Ass Bitches EP

Monday, November 12, 2012
Genre: Hardcore, Gabber
Released: November 12, 2012 
Today is the day that Scorpyd released a new EP on Psycho Numberz!
He planned his EP to be released earlier, but because of some sircumstances it was delayed a few times, to today.

1. Scorpyd - Fake-Ass Bitches
2. Scorpyd - Headfuck

- Download this bombing EP here!

[PN035] Flubber - The Main Event

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
 Genre: Electro, Glitch
Released: October 10, 2012 
Tonight I'm not really into a very good mood, cause my laptop is having problems etc, so I'll keep it short.Today, Sven (aka Flubber/Dustrict) released his second EP on Psycho Numberz! *yaay*

Yep, as you can see on the tracklist, he made a collab with DJ Huggies and MFTD, and this same track will be featured on the second HugMasterz album that will be released early 2013.
Also, he made 2 bootlegs! :) 

1. Flubber - Entering The Main Event
2. Flubber - G.L.I.T.C.H.
3. Flubber - Revolution 2.0
4. HugMasterz feat. Flubber - Projection
5. Flubber - Killing It
6. 2NE1 - I Am The Best (Flubber Remix)
7. Bingo Players - Rattle (Flubber Remix)

- Enter the main event here!

[PNRMX08] Various - The Psycho Numberz Remixes #1

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
 Genre: Various, from Electro to Hardcore 
Released: September 5, 2012
Artwork credits go to PARANOID TRIP

"Various - The Psycho Numberz Remixes #1" is a new huge compilation in which a bunch of awesome artists have produced their own remixes of some tracks initially distributed on the Psycho Numberz label.

A lot of musical genres in this album are included (mostly from Electro and original Techno to Makina and Gabber to Speedcore). This compilation is made in one volume so there will probably be a second compilation upcoming.

1. Dustrict - System Response (Makinarium Remix)
2. Defected Music - Music Changed My Life (Redhardsound Remake)
3. Flubber - Work IT (Kyou1110 Remix)
4. Makinarium - No Creative (SHIRIA@ Mix)
5. Anglerdrone x DJ Counterforce - Yorokobi (MFTD Remix)
6. Mystic.47 - Frikandel-Eet-Theme-Song (Makinarium's Base Mix)
7. DJ Counterforce - Hej Gurlz!!! ~Uh Gabber!!~ (Ranzor Remix)
8. 238195 - Oldschool Rocka (Peckerhead Remix)
9. Mystic.47 - Lucky Explosion (Totsumal Remix)
10. Makinarium - Come With Me (Ron's J-Makina Mix)
11. Mystic.47 x Ranzor - Absolutely Too Slow (DJ Counterforce Chaos Mashup)
12. MO - Youmiko (Imil Remix)
13. Ranzor - That Was Too Slow - D-Tors Slower Mix)
14. LiGHTSPEED - Lumina In Collatio (Ranzor's Breakbeat Trance Remix)
15. Anglerdrone x DJ Counterforce - Yorokobi (Dustrict x Flubber Remix)
16. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction (6th Remix)
17. Die Artiest =D - Dit Nummer =D (Mystic.47 Remix =D)
18. Ranzor vs DJ Counterforce - Zero Gravity (Ucore Remix)
19. Predaking - Dogphone (Dustrict Remix)
20. Mystic.47 - Frikandel-Eet-Theme-Song (Eat That Shit Up!)
21. LiGHTSPEED - Lumina in Collatio (TypeMARS Remix)
22. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko (Wezzex Remix)
23. Ranzor - Harmonix (TypeMARS Remix)
24. Mystic47 - Frikandel Eet Theme Song (KSys Remix)
25. Flubber - The Revolution (MO Remix)
26. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction (MSiC Shit Remix)
27. Ranzor - Maximum Overdrive (Beyond The Maximum Remix)
28. Flubber - Beast Mode (Shyft Remix)
29. Ranzor - Maximum Overdrive (Dustrict Remix)
30. X-Compressor - Neurology (Schranz Remix By Bipolar)

Grab part one here!
And part two here!

[PN033] Predaking - Between Chemicals And Blood EP

Friday, August 10, 2012
Genre:  Hardcore, Gabber
Released: August 10, 2012 

As some of you know, I'm currently still planning the remix compilation, which will be released early next month!
There will be a few producers on there, who haven't been on a Psycho Numberz release earlier !

One of them is Predaking, a producer who produces music for the label Shyfted Minds. Predaking and I have been talking for quite a time now, and he was planning to release an EP on Psycho Numberz.

1. The World Keeps Turning (feat. MC Shyft)
2. Nothing Wrong With Me
3. They All Deserve To Die
4. Dogphone

- This might be the day to drop and download that EP!

[PNMIX02] DJ D-tor - Numbered Psychoz

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Released: July 24, 2012 
I know that it has been a year since the last mix has been released, but this time, we have a new mix to be released! This time it was D-tor's time to grab a few tracks and mix them!

1. Dustrict - True Ignorance
2. LiGHTSPEED - Lumina in Collatio (TypeMARS Remix)
3. Makinarium - No Creative
4. Makinarium - Come With Me (Ron's J-Makina Mix)
5. Ranzor - That Was Too Slow (D-tor's Slower Mix)
6. Skew Basses Vol. 4 - Farewell Base Remastered
8. Xanvel - BLACKENED
9. Anglerdrone x DJ Counterforce - Yorokobi (Dustrict x Flubber Remix)
10. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko (Wezzex Remix)
11. 238195 - Oldschool Rocka (Peckerhead Remix)
12. Mystic.47 - Frikandel-Eet-Theme-Song! (Eat That Shit Up!)
13. MO - Youmiko (Imil Remix)
14. Flubber - Work it (Kyou1110 Remix)
15. Flubber - The Revolution (MO Remix)

- Share the love for this mix by downloading it here!
You can follow follow D-tor :
- MixCloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/djdtor
- SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/d-tor
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djaydtor
- mixes.djfez: http://mixes.djfez.com/djs/dj-d-tor/
- YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/foghorn2002

[PN032] Negative Hardcore #5

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Genre : Hardcore, Makina, Jumpstyle
Released: May 29, 2012

It has been a year since Redhardsound's Negative Hardcore #4 came out, but finally..
HERE IS #5!! Get ready for some new exciting sounds, including Hardcore, Hardstyle, Electro, Makina and more!


01 - Makinarium - No Creative
02 - Skew Basses Vol. 4 - Farewell Base (Re-mastered)
03 - Flubber - Neurodisco
04 - REDHARDSOUND - It's the hard way
05 - Dustrict - Program
06 - Noir - Fatal Dreams
07 - Noir - The Final
08 - REDHARDSOUND - Forgotten Moments
09 - Defected Music - Goodbye Defected Music
10 - REDHARDSOUND - Shockstep
11 - REDHARDSOUND - Chartek
12 - REDHARDSOUND - Party Tribe Anthem
13 - Dustrict - True Ignorance
14 - Totsumal - LLLK (Anglerdrone Remix)
15 - REDHARDSOUND - Don't be like me
16 - REDHARDSOUND - 2x 333
17 - REDHARDSOUND - Urban Jungle

- Download this awesome album right here!

[PN031] Ranzor, DJ Counterforce & Redhardsound - Special Psycho Numberz EP #1

Monday, April 30, 2012
Genre: Hardcore, Dubstep, Makina
Released: April  30, 2012
As some of you might know, I was planning "Deadly Experiments #7", but I got too busy so DE#7 got cancelled.
I still had a few tracks that I wanted to release at DE#7, so they got stuck in a map. As of some weeks ago I'm planning a new release again, a remix compilation that will contain remixes of tracks that have been on Psycho Numberz ONLY!

But one track that was meant to be on Psycho Numberz + 2 other tracks were so good to me, that I wanted to release them anyway, no matter what. That's why I called it "Special Psycho Numberz EP #1"

1. Ranzor vs DJ Counterforce - Zero Gravity
2. Ranzor - Harmonix
3. Redhardsound - Come With Me

- You wanna grab it? get it here!

[PN029] Kyou1110 As ・1110.λ – Awabi EP

Friday, March 16, 2012
Genre: Breakcore
Released: March 16, 2012.
As you know, Psycho Numberz is up to many genres, and so for "S.O.X. Part 2", "Fly Higher Remix EP" and "The Japanese Remixes EP", Kyou1110 has released 3 breakcore tracks!

Because I'm very interested in his tracks, I have asked him to make an EP for my label. At first he needed to think about it, but finally he made one!

1. Le Festin d'Esope
2. アーメンティティ
3. OurBattleDeMaterialisationManaunaun

- Get glitched and break yourself by downloading his EP right here!

[PN030] Scorpyd - Motherfucker From The Heart

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Genre: Hardcore, Gabber
Released: March 15, 2012
Artwork credits go to Scorpyd
The 30th release on the label is untitled "Motherfucker From The Heart", a brand new Mainstream Hardcore and Gabber (genre) EP produced by Scorpyd on early 2012 for Psycho Numberz.

The main themes include loneliness, madness and antisocial behaviours.The tracks even feature some screaming vocals and the second of them, "Motherfucker From The Heart", should have been the main hit on this EP.

1. Scorpyd - Nemesis
2. Scorpyd - Motherfucker From The Heart

- Just dare and enter his world of madness by downloading his brand new EP here!

[PN028] Flubber - Neurodisco EP

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Genre: Electro
Released: February 22, 2012
The first release of Psycho Numberz in 2012 is here! Do you remember last year the hardstyle EP of DJ Ronin?

This time he's back with an electro EP under his alias Flubber!

His EP is as wobbly as the green slimy flubber from the movie!

1. Neurodisco
2. Beast Mode
3. The Revolution
4. Work It
5. Neurodisco VIP

- You can download his EP here!