[PN038] DJ Counterforce x LiGHTSPEED - Thyrsus

Friday, December 21, 2012
Hey People!

As most of you know, DJ Counterforce (aka LiGHTSPEED) has been on many Psycho Numberz releases, but has never released an album or EP (except for a remix EP) himself!

Well, all the waiting was worth it, cause he strikes back with an attacking album!
It contains 2 sides, one with original tracks (Battle Of Thyrsus) and with remixes (Force Of The Resistance)!

Tracklist Side A:

1. Opening (Blade x Blade) by LiGHTSPEED
2. Kill the Tune - LiGHTSPEED vs. DJ Counterforce
3. Break the Limit - 9March vs. DJ Counterforce
4. No Doubt - kyou1110 vs. DJ Counterforce
5. No Boundaries - LiGHTSPEED vs. DJ Counterforce
6. Zero Gravity - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
7. Fuck You Up - Imil + DJ Counterforce
8. Destruction Syndrome - DJ Counterforce vs. LiGHTSPEED
9. Let's Rock All Night Long - KSys vs. LiGHTSPEED
10. No Hold Back - DJ Counterforce vs. 3R2
11. Time Busters - DJames vs. DJ Counterforce
12. Trancemission - DJ Counterforce vs. typeMARS
13. Yorokobi - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
14. Lifestream - luppolo vs. LiGHTSPEED

Download link is here

Tracklist Side B:

1. Opening (Meet the Resistance) by LiGHTSPEED
2. Yorokobi (MFTD Remix) - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
3. No Hold Back (Flubber Remix) - DJ Counterforce vs. 3R2
4. Zero Gravity (Ucore Remix) - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
5. No Doubt (MesoPhunk Remix) - kyou1110 vs. DJ Counterforce
6. Yorokobi (Dustrict x Flubber Remix) - Anglerdrone vs. DJ Counterforce
7. Break the Limit (F-Shock Remix) - 9March vs. DJ Counterforce
8. Fuck You Up (Fukkkkkk Remix) - Imil + DJ Counterforce
9. Zero Gravity (Kurono Remix) - Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce
10. No Boundaries (KSys Remix) - DJ Counterforce vs. LiGHTSPEED
11. Time Busterz (HugMasterz Remix) - DJ Counterforz vs. DarkDJamez

Download link is here

[PN036] Predaking - Dancing With The Devil EP

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
I know, I know.. It has been a while since I released something new, but I'm pretty busy in real life these days with work etc. so, there still is coming new stuff, but just not so fast anymore!

And of course, it has been a few months since Predaking released his first EP on Psycho Numberz, and today he released his second!

1. Dancing With The Devil
2. Crazy

- Well, get crazy and dance with the devil by downloading his EP here!