[PNRMX08] Various - The Psycho Numberz Remixes #1

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
 Genre: Various, from Electro to Hardcore 
Released: September 5, 2012
Artwork credits go to PARANOID TRIP

"Various - The Psycho Numberz Remixes #1" is a new huge compilation in which a bunch of awesome artists have produced their own remixes of some tracks initially distributed on the Psycho Numberz label.

A lot of musical genres in this album are included (mostly from Electro and original Techno to Makina and Gabber to Speedcore). This compilation is made in one volume so there will probably be a second compilation upcoming.

1. Dustrict - System Response (Makinarium Remix)
2. Defected Music - Music Changed My Life (Redhardsound Remake)
3. Flubber - Work IT (Kyou1110 Remix)
4. Makinarium - No Creative (SHIRIA@ Mix)
5. Anglerdrone x DJ Counterforce - Yorokobi (MFTD Remix)
6. Mystic.47 - Frikandel-Eet-Theme-Song (Makinarium's Base Mix)
7. DJ Counterforce - Hej Gurlz!!! ~Uh Gabber!!~ (Ranzor Remix)
8. 238195 - Oldschool Rocka (Peckerhead Remix)
9. Mystic.47 - Lucky Explosion (Totsumal Remix)
10. Makinarium - Come With Me (Ron's J-Makina Mix)
11. Mystic.47 x Ranzor - Absolutely Too Slow (DJ Counterforce Chaos Mashup)
12. MO - Youmiko (Imil Remix)
13. Ranzor - That Was Too Slow - D-Tors Slower Mix)
14. LiGHTSPEED - Lumina In Collatio (Ranzor's Breakbeat Trance Remix)
15. Anglerdrone x DJ Counterforce - Yorokobi (Dustrict x Flubber Remix)
16. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction (6th Remix)
17. Die Artiest =D - Dit Nummer =D (Mystic.47 Remix =D)
18. Ranzor vs DJ Counterforce - Zero Gravity (Ucore Remix)
19. Predaking - Dogphone (Dustrict Remix)
20. Mystic.47 - Frikandel-Eet-Theme-Song (Eat That Shit Up!)
21. LiGHTSPEED - Lumina in Collatio (TypeMARS Remix)
22. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko (Wezzex Remix)
23. Ranzor - Harmonix (TypeMARS Remix)
24. Mystic47 - Frikandel Eet Theme Song (KSys Remix)
25. Flubber - The Revolution (MO Remix)
26. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction (MSiC Shit Remix)
27. Ranzor - Maximum Overdrive (Beyond The Maximum Remix)
28. Flubber - Beast Mode (Shyft Remix)
29. Ranzor - Maximum Overdrive (Dustrict Remix)
30. X-Compressor - Neurology (Schranz Remix By Bipolar)

Grab part one here!
And part two here!


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