[PN029] Kyou1110 As ・1110.λ – Awabi EP

Friday, March 16, 2012
Genre: Breakcore
Released: March 16, 2012.
As you know, Psycho Numberz is up to many genres, and so for "S.O.X. Part 2", "Fly Higher Remix EP" and "The Japanese Remixes EP", Kyou1110 has released 3 breakcore tracks!

Because I'm very interested in his tracks, I have asked him to make an EP for my label. At first he needed to think about it, but finally he made one!

1. Le Festin d'Esope
2. アーメンティティ
3. OurBattleDeMaterialisationManaunaun

- Get glitched and break yourself by downloading his EP right here!


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download link doesn't work anymore :(

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