[PN031] Ranzor, DJ Counterforce & Redhardsound - Special Psycho Numberz EP #1

Monday, April 30, 2012
Genre: Hardcore, Dubstep, Makina
Released: April  30, 2012
As some of you might know, I was planning "Deadly Experiments #7", but I got too busy so DE#7 got cancelled.
I still had a few tracks that I wanted to release at DE#7, so they got stuck in a map. As of some weeks ago I'm planning a new release again, a remix compilation that will contain remixes of tracks that have been on Psycho Numberz ONLY!

But one track that was meant to be on Psycho Numberz + 2 other tracks were so good to me, that I wanted to release them anyway, no matter what. That's why I called it "Special Psycho Numberz EP #1"

1. Ranzor vs DJ Counterforce - Zero Gravity
2. Ranzor - Harmonix
3. Redhardsound - Come With Me

- You wanna grab it? get it here!


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