Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Hey there people!

I know that it has been a while since I posted something, hehe, sorry :)
But I just wanted to let you know that I am currently working together with a label from Japan!

This label is called Anything Records, and is based in Tokyo :D!
So, on Deadly Experiments #4 was an artist called FANGiRL (actually a boy, lol!) and he told me that he will be on a compilation, so he gave me the link.
That link was from Anything Records, and I checked out that site :)
Then I also saw an mail account, and I added that mail directly, and so MO, the labelowner, and I started talking :)
And after a few hours, we decided to make an EP together.
We both are going to produce 3 tracks, and we have already a remix from each others track.

I will let you people know when the EP is done! so that you can download it!! :)

Cheers!! ;D

~ Mystic.47

Release! - RuffBeatz 001 vs DeadlyExperiments #4

Monday, May 3, 2010

This is a new album , or 2 Albuns in one .rar file , or , versus?

RuffBeatz 001 vs DeadlyExperiments #4!

Deadly Experiments Contains 21 tracks
RuffBeatz 001 Contains 12 Tracks
total of 33 tracks!


Deadly Experiments#4 Side!

01. DJ DISITE - Hell On Earth
02. MoTioNbLur - Empty Eyes
03. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction
04. Imil - Freedom XV
05. Benga Ft. Coki - Night [Kch'22 Remix]
06. DJ Triex - Disobey or Die (K.H.D. Remix)
07. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko (DJ Huggies Redrum)
08. K.H.D. - Black Gabba
09. Anglerdrone - Just Show At Least Some Lil' Respect (It Differz Now, You Know! Mix)
10. DJ Triex - Disobey And Die (DJ Huggies Asskicking Remix)11. FANGiRL - ripped to shreds
11. FANGiRL - ripped to shreds
12. Pyroblast - Yap That Fool
13. Redhardsound - Automati-k
14. DJ Triex - Disobey And Die (Mystic.47 Remix)
15. REDHARDSOUND - Without You
16. F-Shock - Universal Feelings
17. K.H.D. - It's Just Me
18. Bazzz-attack & Mc Stash - Never die
19. TheEsNO - You want to be it!
20. Black Ace - Slow Fraction
21. DJ Shoujo - Kawaiistep

RuffBeatz 001 Side!

01. DJ Triex - Dreamweaver
02. PsySpam vs. Volcano - Hot Thoughts
03. Erofex - Drama Dreams
04. DJ Triex - Caverns Of Time
05. Helblinde - Ego
06. DJ Vilo - You Cant Stop Us
07. Matt Luminate ft. Josh Sardana - Fall For You (Mr Mann Remix)
08. Starstruck ft. Natalie - Someone Like U
09. S3RL vs DJ Triex - No Humans Allowed (Vilo mix)
10. S3RL vs DJ Triex - No Humans Allowed
11. Pyrotense - Scream
12. DJ Triex - Disobey and Die (Extended Mix)

Download HERE!