Good News!

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Ermm... Sorry for give "merry christmas" now , i thought some people here already post a special post T~T
Sorry , but.. i hope you all enjoyed this day :D

The good news are REDHARDSOUND joined on Psycho Numberz!
This guy makes great Makina Sounds.
Looks , psycho numberz haves a lot of music styles!
Techno , Hardcore , Hardstyle, Makina , J-core, Chiptune,DnB/Jungle/Breakcore , Eletronica,Speedcore, Dubstep , and more , omfg..

Check The "REDHARDSOUND" sounds!

RELEASE!! - RHFS01 - Reloaded - Hardcore For Survive

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is the new album , with 26 tracks on it , 2 hours of sound +240mb , a lot of track with 320kbps quality! you want more!?? Shingo Dj it's on this album!!

Design by SomBra!/MoTioNbLur


-Shingo Dj
-DJ Ninja Love Mistake
-Dj EsNo!
-Masterclass From The Depths
-Dj Huggies


1. SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur - Synth Storm
2. SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur - Resistance
3. Mystic.47 - Wux (Remix)
4. SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur - NUCLEARiS BiTS
5. MoTioNbLur - Weird Sys.Thema
6. Masterclass From The Depths - The Chaos Of Death
7. 238195 - Liberty
8. SomBra!Dj - Exterminate!
9. The EsNo - Angry!
10.ShingoDj - Dominating
11.higurashi no naku koro ni - YOU (SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur Ultimate Remix)
12.Anglerdrone - Shit! (Mysgies Remix)
14.REDHARDSOUND - Sakura (MoTioNbLur Remix)
15.QUiK☆shooter - RAiN
16.DJ Huggies - Uny Uvy Udy
17.Dj Ninja Love Mistake - Demon King 1
18.MoTioNbLur - ViRUS SySt3m ~iNvaDinG yoUr f***'n miNd~
19.MoTioNbLur - Psychopatha Systhema
20.SomBra!Dj - Hardcore For Survive
21.SomBra!Dj - Powerful Vegenance
22.SomBra!Dj - Destiny
23.MoTioNbLur - Cold Hell
24.SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur - Black/Yellow
25.SomBra!Dj - LiTE
26.RUNNiNG BOY - Game Over

Download Here!

OBS: Some error on Info Text , i forgot to put "r" on "Game Over" , sorry...


RELEASE!! PNRMX03 - Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske Remix EP

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Plastiek Zakske!!!!!!!!!!! HARDCORE VERSION RIGHT HERE!!! YEAH!

Cover Design by SomBra!/MoTioNbLur


01. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (Original Mix)
02. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (crazy DJEsNo Remix)
03. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (Mystic.47 Remix)
04. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (DJ DISITE Remix)
05. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (Masterclass From The Depths Remix)
06. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (SomBra!DJ/MoTioNbLur Remix)
07. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (DJ Huggies French Kiss Remix)
08. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (Psycho DJ Team Remix)
09. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (Imil Remix)
10. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (DJ Spix Remix)
11. Mystic.47 vs 238195 - Plastiek Zakske (238195 Remix)

- Bonus Tracks -

12. Urbanus - Plastiek Zakske (Real Original Version)
13. Mystic.47 & 238195 vs The Ultimate Buzz Featuring MC Bee - On A Plastiek Mission (Terror-Drone vs Anglerdrone Mash)


Download Here :)
--> Rapidshare
Download Here :) --> Megaupload

if you don't know, who sing the song , or whatever, see this video! AND DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM!!!


RELEASE!!- PNRMX02 - Core 2 Hardcore Remixes

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You know , or not , Core 2 Duo Computer Processors it's the one greatest for gaming , work perfomance.

Core 2 Hardcore Remixes it's the mini album with Extremely fast songs

Design By SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur

It's includes one Extra , Remix Files , samples and .FLP file (ONLY FOR Fruits Loops Studio Users!)


1. SomBra!Dj- Core 2 Hardcore (Original Mix)
2. SomBra!Dj- Core 2 Hardcore (Fully Upgraded With A Turbo, Nitrous And 495 BPM By Anglerdrone Vs DJ Huggies)
3. SomBra!Dj- Core 2 Hardcore (Fully Experimented By Mystic.47)
4. SomBra!Dj- Core 2 Hardcore (Psycho DJ Team Remix)
5. SomBra!Dj- Core 2 Techno (238195 Remix)

Download Here!

Release Video!


RELEASE!!- PNM472009- Mysterious Experiments

This is a other Release Free to download!

Design By SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur

It's includes 2 Sides , Original Track Side And Remix Side

Original Track Side

1. 238195 - Intro
2. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko
3. Mystic.47 - Lucky Star Rotation
4. Mystic.47 - Experiment#47Code47X-TRA
5. Mystic.47 - Tuningvirus2009
6. 47.Citsym Featuring DJ Huggies - Rider
7. Mystic.47 - Toxic Influenced Hardcore
8. SomBra!DJ - Outro


1. SomBra!DJ - Core 2 Hardcore (Fully Experimented By Mystic.47)
2. DJ Mama - DJ Mama Anthem (Mystic.47 Remix)
3. DJ Spix - You Are The One (Experimented Love Mix)
4. Mystic.47 - Hard Party Riot (238195 Remix)
5. Anglerdrone - Roming (DJ Huggies Remix)
6. Anglerdrone - Just Show At Least Some Lil' Respect (Mystic.47 Remix)
7. Mystic.47 & 238195 - Experiment#13Code6A8 (Sombra!DJ ED!T)
8. Psycho DJ Team - Masterz Cut (Mystic.47 Remix)
9. 238195 - Oldschool Rocka (Rockin' 47 Remix)
10. DJ Huggies Featuring Masterclass From The Depths - Loud And Kicking (Anglerdrone Remix)
11. Mystic.47 - Tuningvirus2009 (The EsNo Remix)

What you waiting for!? Download Here , Enjoy it! :)

see ya!

RELEASE!!-PN008- Deadly Experiments #2

Friday, September 25, 2009
Oh! What's Up Humans?

Okay.. this is a Second Deadly Experiments Series You Can Download The First Here

This Second Comes With More Power , More Deadly... And it's free to download! lol

Design By SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur.. Anime/Game: Phantom Of Inferno


1. DJ Huggies Featuring Masterclass From The Depths - The Major And His Companion (Intro For Deadly Experiments #2)
2. DJ EsNo - Angry!
3. 238195 - XLR8
4. DJ Huggies Featuring Masterclass From The Depths - Loud And Kicking
5. AxTzero - Experiments Hell
6. Mystic.47 - Toxic Influenced Hardcore
7. SomBra!DJ - Core 2 Hardcore (Psycho DJ Team Remix)
8. Masterclass From The Depths - What So Ever
9. 238195 - Untold Feelings
10. The EsNO - Some Core
11. SomBra!DJ - MK-ULTRA
12. Psycho DJ Team - E-Terni-T
13. SomBra!DJ - Outro

Download Here NOW!

See ya!

About DJ Huggies? o__o;

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Ermm.. Hi? xD

I was supposed to say something about myself.. I guess? XD

well, I am a producer in the genres Dubstep, Speedcore and Noise.. (Dubstep only a beginning producer, though T___T) I contacted 238195 when I saw at his myspace that he needed more producers (no, I do not have a myspace, so don't look for it xD) because I wanted to let the peopel know that I produce music too.. I guess? XD

well, I am a very enthousiast person, I love to draw bunnies who are trapped in a cage.. XD lol, just kidding!! xD but I do love to draw bunnies.. really .___. they are so fluffy! xD

Producername(s): DJ Huggies
Born: 13-06-1992
Real Name: Stefann
Produces: Speedcore, Dubstep, Noise
Lives in: Hungary
Favourite music: Speedcore, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Letfield

About SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Ok, Ok, SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur is a young music producer , born in Brazil , in São Paulo (Province, The city is Secret) in 1994 , now he lives in Japan-Tochigi , because he is a Half Japanese Blood.
When was small he loved the music , mainly Eletronica , because of the beautiful sounds of synthesizers.

in 2008 he discovered J-core on NicoNico , a website like youtube , but it's japanese and it's more for "otakus"
SomBra!Dj loved the J-core Style , this style haves much samples and remixes of animes ,some Soundtracks of RPG , anime games, and the beats and velocity of track is awesome!
Searching more about J-core , he discovered Hardcore , he has never seen a sound like this , he loved it.

in 2009 , he think to start produce music. But... something disturbs him , addiction in games, because of this , he going bad in the school... , and one day he made the first track on FL8 XXL , called f***'n awesome and tetris jumpstyle song, this is a big failure of SomBra!Dj... because in this time he had very little experience , and was to give up to produce music... But.. an idea come! Start to listen MORE , MORE , MORE and MORE music and STOP RIGHT NOW TO PLAY MUCH GAMES!!! And he started to pay more attention on the techniques of music , and replaced the time spent on games by FL8 , he started to learn how to make a music on FL Studio alone.

He made a other track called 4ir LooP on simple software and RaA4DiATION! On FL8 , he increased the experience on music produce , the doors opened again , discovered how to make your own melody on FL 8 and he made a other track called "wHy?" and now he always evoluting your tracks , always better, always better than other.

Thankz for the music , now he is one the best students on the class. Thankz for the music , music it's the salvation!

Now he making a other style , Chiptune + Hardcore , a Hardcore with 8 bit sounds , from Gameboy and NES(Famicom in japan) and going to start to make a Commodore 64 Sounds like Razor 1911 Keygen Sounds( SomBra!Dj not uses Keygens , Cracks , but he loves the Keygen Sounds!!)

He loves A LOT classic games or computers

Games are not something so bad..., if you know to control.

Producername(s): SomBra!Dj , MoTioNbLur
Born: 30-09-1994
Real Name: Tobita Osmar
Produces: Hardcore,Speedcore,Gabber,J-core,Terrorcore,Chiptune + Hardcore
Lives in: Tochigi - Japan
Favourite music: Makina, Eletronica,J-core,Chiptune,Hardcore,Speedcore

Samples of SomBra!Dj/MoTionbLur Sounds

SomBra!Dj - Get Your NES Controller (And Play With POWER)

MoTioNbLur - Run , Cry and 死!(don't worry , but , i want to kill you now)