Deadly Experiments #7

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey people!

First of all; I want to wish you all a happy new year! that all your wishes and dreams for 2015 may come true!

It has been a long time since I did anything with Psycho Numberz, because I didn't have much time in my personal life, and I had not much inspiration anymore.
That's why I decided to call in some help from my good friends Makinarium and Ranzor.
So as since 2014, Psycho Numberz is a team of 3 people that run the label. So this release, the 7th edition of Deadly Experiments, was completely compiled by Makinarium (he used to be Redhardsound)! And in my opinion, he did his very best to make it a good compilation again!

The tracklist:

1. Anton Raven - Peak (Original Mix)
2. Atego & Wolle A II - Ain't It Funky
3. LiGHTSPEED - Ignite
4. Atego - Hopp It
5. Die System - Arise
6. Atego - Kill The DJ
7. Makinarium - 2Night
8. An4k!n - Eternal End (Original Mix)
9. Makinarium - M8A1 vs Lodestar
10. Anime Project - Ignite 2015 DB
11. Brootz - Vive La Meow
12. Auditivium - 12/M/\i/'13
13. Auditivium - Ruhe In Frieden (Tribute To Stefann Collen)

The artwork is done by Lea H.

If you want a copy of this brand new release, and check out how Makinarium did the job, you can check it out here! feel free to download it and share it with your friends!

- Meru (I don't use my name "Mystic.47" anymore, it's Meru / める now)


Rough NinJa said...

What about fixing all the dead links???

mystic.47 said...

Rough NinJa;

I'm going to work on this, but it will take some time.

Rough NinJa said...

That would be real cool, thanks ahead. I adivce to use either mediafire, zippyshare and for larger files

Rough NinJa said...

Or you could also zip up all the old Psycho Numberz stuff and either upload it for me on or send it to (I'm not sure thou if that mail provider will handle the file size) ;) That would be an easier and quicker solution for us both.

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