Makinarium - Makina Numberz

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Hey people!

I know that I haven't released that much lately, but I'm kind of busy in my personal life, and so are all the other artists too.. This doesn't mean that Psycho Numberz quit, though.. By far!
You can see it more as a little break or something, plus myself, I don't really have much inspiration for productions..

But Makinarium (previously Redhardsound), has released a new album today!
It's called "Makina Numberz", and the tracklist is as following-

1. Complexity And Simplecity
2. Panegyrikus
3. Master's Room
4. Autumn Avenue
5. LangenaƟ
6. Sehnsucht
7. Arael
8. Classic Base
9. Killer Base
10. Helium Base

Please, download this new album, and share it with your friends!
Download it here :)

- Melvin (Mystic.47)


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