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Thursday, August 6, 2009
Ok, Ok, SomBra!Dj/MoTioNbLur is a young music producer , born in Brazil , in São Paulo (Province, The city is Secret) in 1994 , now he lives in Japan-Tochigi , because he is a Half Japanese Blood.
When was small he loved the music , mainly Eletronica , because of the beautiful sounds of synthesizers.

in 2008 he discovered J-core on NicoNico , a website like youtube , but it's japanese and it's more for "otakus"
SomBra!Dj loved the J-core Style , this style haves much samples and remixes of animes ,some Soundtracks of RPG , anime games, and the beats and velocity of track is awesome!
Searching more about J-core , he discovered Hardcore , he has never seen a sound like this , he loved it.

in 2009 , he think to start produce music. But... something disturbs him , addiction in games, because of this , he going bad in the school... , and one day he made the first track on FL8 XXL , called f***'n awesome and tetris jumpstyle song, this is a big failure of SomBra!Dj... because in this time he had very little experience , and was to give up to produce music... But.. an idea come! Start to listen MORE , MORE , MORE and MORE music and STOP RIGHT NOW TO PLAY MUCH GAMES!!! And he started to pay more attention on the techniques of music , and replaced the time spent on games by FL8 , he started to learn how to make a music on FL Studio alone.

He made a other track called 4ir LooP on simple software and RaA4DiATION! On FL8 , he increased the experience on music produce , the doors opened again , discovered how to make your own melody on FL 8 and he made a other track called "wHy?" and now he always evoluting your tracks , always better, always better than other.

Thankz for the music , now he is one the best students on the class. Thankz for the music , music it's the salvation!

Now he making a other style , Chiptune + Hardcore , a Hardcore with 8 bit sounds , from Gameboy and NES(Famicom in japan) and going to start to make a Commodore 64 Sounds like Razor 1911 Keygen Sounds( SomBra!Dj not uses Keygens , Cracks , but he loves the Keygen Sounds!!)

He loves A LOT classic games or computers

Games are not something so bad..., if you know to control.

Producername(s): SomBra!Dj , MoTioNbLur
Born: 30-09-1994
Real Name: Tobita Osmar
Produces: Hardcore,Speedcore,Gabber,J-core,Terrorcore,Chiptune + Hardcore
Lives in: Tochigi - Japan
Favourite music: Makina, Eletronica,J-core,Chiptune,Hardcore,Speedcore

Samples of SomBra!Dj/MoTionbLur Sounds

SomBra!Dj - Get Your NES Controller (And Play With POWER)

MoTioNbLur - Run , Cry and 死!(don't worry , but , i want to kill you now)


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