About DJ Huggies? o__o;

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Ermm.. Hi? xD

I was supposed to say something about myself.. I guess? XD

well, I am a producer in the genres Dubstep, Speedcore and Noise.. (Dubstep only a beginning producer, though T___T) I contacted 238195 when I saw at his myspace that he needed more producers (no, I do not have a myspace, so don't look for it xD) because I wanted to let the peopel know that I produce music too.. I guess? XD

well, I am a very enthousiast person, I love to draw bunnies who are trapped in a cage.. XD lol, just kidding!! xD but I do love to draw bunnies.. really .___. they are so fluffy! xD

Producername(s): DJ Huggies
Born: 13-06-1992
Real Name: Stefann
Produces: Speedcore, Dubstep, Noise
Lives in: Hungary
Favourite music: Speedcore, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Letfield


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