MO - Fashion Is Killed EP

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey people!

I know that I haven't released a single thing this year, but it's cause I'm pretty busy myself as well, and so are (most) of the Psycho Numberz artists too.. That doesn't mean we quit, of course!

Also, back in 2010 I released an EP together with my Japanese good friend MO (labelowner of Anything Records, it was a split release back then on both labels), and we talked a few months ago, and he wanted to release a brand new EP on Psycho Numberz.

Well, the time has come to enjoy his music again!

The tracklist of his brand new EP:

1. Dokodemo-Itsudemo
2. NO Osyare Is Yes My Life
3. The Broken Heart
4. Meet In A Dream

Are you curious for his new EP?
Do you want to download that EP?

Well, don't wait any longer and grab it here!


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