[PN027] DJ Huggies - Overhugged Music EP

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Released: December 11, 2011
Artwork credit go to Tobita Osmar. 
A while ago DJ Huggies and MFTD released their own (first!) album here at Psycho Numberz, and a few weeks ago DJ Huggies contacted me again that he wanted to release an EP on my label as well.

At first he planned to release 6 tracks, but now he has 4 tracks and he already wanted to release it.

1. DJ Huggies - Conejo-Poing!
2. DJ Huggies vs Amorzhys - Másnap
3. DJ Huggies - Everyone's Tipsy! (Amorzhys Remix)
4. DJ Huggies - Conejo-Poing! (MFTD Remix)

- If you want to download this EP and give it a big hug, you can do it right here!


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