[PN019] VA - Deadly Experiments #5

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Genre: Breakbeat, Hardcore
Hey listeners + readers! I know that it has taken quite a few months.. But I've finally released Deadly Experiments #5!

From August of on I've been experimenting.. (okay.. it's not funny!!) Okay, to be honest.. I was still looking for people who wanted to post a track for DE #5.. but finally I've got everything ready!

01. Redhardsound - DE #5 Intro
02. Ranzor - Maximum Overdrive
03. DJ Counterforce - Danger! Hardcore Attack!!
04. K.H.D. - Größenwahn
05. Die Artiest =D - Dit Nummer =D
06. Redhardsound - Love Is What I Want
07. TheEsNO - You Want To Be It! (Mystic.47 Remix)
08. M1dlet - Mundian To Bach Speedcore
09. Loffciamcore - Ballada O Psie Z Filmu Porno
10. MO - BH
11. The M.S.P. - Burn All Bitches
12. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction (.kom Remix)
13. SomBra!DJ - Core II Hardcore (MFTD Remix)
14. Loffciamcore & Imil - Everybody Napierdalać
15. Die Artiest =D - Dit Nummer =D (MO Remix)
16. Redhardsound - Another Way
17. Mystic.47 - Hard Party Riot (DJ Huggies & Masterclass From The Depths Remix)
18. Karanabe - Go Home
19. MoTioNbLur - Nobody Stops Me! (But I Can Make You Stop For A Hug Mix!)
20. MO - RRR

- Get this 5th Experiment here!


Daniel said...

I would like to say thank you for all the releases here. Keep the good work dude. Regards!

mystic.47 said...


And thank you for liking all of our works!! :)
Keep in touch, and you'll just notice that they'll get better right after every release!!


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