Anything Goes Psycho (Co-op Compilation with Anything Records!)

Friday, March 18, 2016

A new year, new chances.

That's what the plans are for most of the people on the world of course. Some people want to lose weight, some want to get their drivers license, some want to buy a new car etc.
Myself, I've been very busy with other things as well, with work and my main hobby (I'm a guy who spends money on his car, lol).

Of course, I've still got connections with people in the music scene as well, and I'm still close with MO from Anything Records.
A few months ago we started about releasing a compilation together, and I've asked 2 of my best friends (Makinarium and Ranzor) as well, but unfortunately they were busy as well.

We, from Psycho Numberz only contributed one song, and you'll know soon enough which one (though, the DJKurara track was contributed via our side as well);

1. Laziness-Herd - Anything Goes Psycho
2. Psy Hedgehog - Darkness Fullmoon
3. Boogie&Gogo - LSD
4. Totsumal - Rurikot 2016
5. lililL - Cursed Psychopath
6. MO - Fuck It Out
7. Chan-Z & Meow-V - Sprinklezcore!
8. MO - Viva Cry
9. MO - Overflows
10. DJKurara - My Little Speedcore
11. Pencil - Come On My Boyfriend
12. CDR - Tropical Humanoid
13. Floppie - Track_ttm0_a0
14. KentoAzumi - Wizard

If you want to get this compilation, you can get it here. :)

Also, make sure to check out the Anything Records site!

- める (Mystic.47)

Short Range

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hey people!

A new release is here! A release with slow tracks, yet still very powerfull and hardcore/hardstyle-ish!


1. MO - E-Bomb
2. Brootz - Italian Style
3. Roy Mikelate - Material Cosmos
4. Auditivium - Ballungszentrum
5. Andoromeda - The Low

If you want to download this brand new EP, you can do it here.
The artwork is made by AnoOtaku


- Meru

Deadly Experiments #7

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey people!

First of all; I want to wish you all a happy new year! that all your wishes and dreams for 2015 may come true!

It has been a long time since I did anything with Psycho Numberz, because I didn't have much time in my personal life, and I had not much inspiration anymore.
That's why I decided to call in some help from my good friends Makinarium and Ranzor.
So as since 2014, Psycho Numberz is a team of 3 people that run the label. So this release, the 7th edition of Deadly Experiments, was completely compiled by Makinarium (he used to be Redhardsound)! And in my opinion, he did his very best to make it a good compilation again!

The tracklist:

1. Anton Raven - Peak (Original Mix)
2. Atego & Wolle A II - Ain't It Funky
3. LiGHTSPEED - Ignite
4. Atego - Hopp It
5. Die System - Arise
6. Atego - Kill The DJ
7. Makinarium - 2Night
8. An4k!n - Eternal End (Original Mix)
9. Makinarium - M8A1 vs Lodestar
10. Anime Project - Ignite 2015 DB
11. Brootz - Vive La Meow
12. Auditivium - 12/M/\i/'13
13. Auditivium - Ruhe In Frieden (Tribute To Stefann Collen)

The artwork is done by Lea H.

If you want a copy of this brand new release, and check out how Makinarium did the job, you can check it out here! feel free to download it and share it with your friends!

- Meru (I don't use my name "Mystic.47" anymore, it's Meru / める now)

Makinarium - Makina Numberz

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Hey people!

I know that I haven't released that much lately, but I'm kind of busy in my personal life, and so are all the other artists too.. This doesn't mean that Psycho Numberz quit, though.. By far!
You can see it more as a little break or something, plus myself, I don't really have much inspiration for productions..

But Makinarium (previously Redhardsound), has released a new album today!
It's called "Makina Numberz", and the tracklist is as following-

1. Complexity And Simplecity
2. Panegyrikus
3. Master's Room
4. Autumn Avenue
5. Langenaß
6. Sehnsucht
7. Arael
8. Classic Base
9. Killer Base
10. Helium Base

Please, download this new album, and share it with your friends!
Download it here :)

- Melvin (Mystic.47)

Predaking - The Combat EP

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Hey people!

It has been a while since Predaking released a brand new EP on Psycho Numberz,
but today he has released his third EP!


1. The Combat
2. Fuck It Up

If you're curious, and you wanna grab a piece of it, go ahead!
you can download it here!

MO - Fashion Is Killed EP

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey people!

I know that I haven't released a single thing this year, but it's cause I'm pretty busy myself as well, and so are (most) of the Psycho Numberz artists too.. That doesn't mean we quit, of course!

Also, back in 2010 I released an EP together with my Japanese good friend MO (labelowner of Anything Records, it was a split release back then on both labels), and we talked a few months ago, and he wanted to release a brand new EP on Psycho Numberz.

Well, the time has come to enjoy his music again!

The tracklist of his brand new EP:

1. Dokodemo-Itsudemo
2. NO Osyare Is Yes My Life
3. The Broken Heart
4. Meet In A Dream

Are you curious for his new EP?
Do you want to download that EP?

Well, don't wait any longer and grab it here!


Monday, June 3, 2013
Hey people,

I know that I mostly post things about releases, but this time it's somewhat different.
On may 26th, 2013 Stefann Collen (DJ Huggies) sadly passed away, and today, june 3rd his girlfriend Jessica (DJess) passed away too.

To show respect, and to dedicate something to him, I want to make a dedication compilation for them!
His best friend Mike (MFTD) has uploaded some remix packs (they're all in 1 map though) on mediafire, which you can download at this mediafire link, to make people make a remix/dedication track/mash-up for DJ Huggies and DJess.

If you want to join, please download the remix pack(s), and when your track is finished, please send a 320kbps mp3 version (WITH the title "DJ Huggies Dedication Track") to

Plus, I think it's better if I don't set up a deadline, so please send the track when you're done!

Thanks, and I hope to see your track/remix in the future